12 YouTube Channels To Make You Smarter

Look, we all want to be smarter. And of course articles provide a lot of value, but it is not the only way of finding the best information out there. In fact, if you’re not watching videos, you could be missing out. Videos provide us with instant and easy to understand information that some of us simply don’t get from reading. Anyhow, the 12 youtube channels on this list are perfect if you want to develop yourself, get smarter and simply have more knowledge at your disposal, enjoy!

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Youtube channels to make you smarter

1. Ted Talks

It’s no surprise that Ted Talks is on this list. Witness the worlds greatest minds explain topics they are passionate about and have dedicated their lives to. Any topic you could think of is probably covered. From science to business, to global issues. This is one resource you want to utilize the hell out of!

2. ASAP Science

As the name suggests, ASAP science gives you short straight to the point videos that don’t hold back any information. These short videos can be pretty random but are super interesting. Take these video on how much sleep someone actually needs, or crazy ways social media is changing your brain. Before you know it, hours would go by with you watching video after video.

3. Seeker

This channel is a mesh between the future, technology and thought to provoke ideas. Seeker is definitely for those who SEEK knowledge. The videos are really thought to provoke and answer questions that you would have probably never thought about. The videos on this channel will expand your horizons and give you plenty to think about when you’re daydreaming throughout your day.

4. Crash Course

Aimed at young adults and teens, this channel also brings a lot of value to adults. The channel is pretty quirky and down to earth. It also throws in a joke here and there to keep the experience fun and upbeat. The topics covered in the videos range from economics to physics to philosophy and much more.

5. How Stuff Works

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this channel is about. If you’re a curious individual this channel should be right up your alley. It doesn’t stick to one topic either, by watching these videos you will definitely be a more knowledgeable well-rounded individual!


Most of us are familiar with Ted Talks, however, less of us would know about Ted Ed. Ted-Ed is a useful resource if you prefer a presentation format rather than listening to someone talk on stage. The topics covered on the channel aren’t limited to any specific category either, there is no doubt that these videos will get your brain thinking. And you will certainly be an overall smarter person by the end of it!

7. Numberphile

This one is for the maths people! Numberphile is a great channel about (you guessed it) numbers. There’s not much more to say here, but if you’re into interesting videos about numbers then this one is definitely one to add to your watch list.

8. List25

We really like this one! List25 really does give you the most answers to the most random topics. Watching video after video can be really addictive. It’s a fun YouTube channel that will educate you in the process. I mean, who doesn’t want to know the ’25 forbidden places you’re not allowed to visit’ or the ’25 dumbest criminals ever caught’

9. CGP Grey

Another one of those channels that explain some of the most complicated answers out there in a simple enough to understand format. They mostly use stick figures and animations, but it works surprisingly well. The main topics covered are politics, geography, and culture.


Thinkr is a YouTube channel dedicated to giving you access to ideas and stories that will ‘change your mind.’ The content aims to engage, inform and inspire. If you are someone who seeks knowledge in new and exciting ways then you should definitely give this channel a chance. THINKR will definitely expand your thinking.

11. Big Think

Big think is full of interesting content including lots of interviews with smart people, or ‘big thinkers’. So if you want to get smarter and faster in the knowledge economy then you should certainly give them a try. Big think is tailored to the most critical topics of the 21st century, and by being in the loop you will definitely have an edge on becoming successful

12. V sauce

V sauce is a collection of 3 channels. It explored science, technology, and philosophy. The videos are well scripted and really interesting. V sauce has over a 12 million followers and answers the most random questions like ‘what if the sun disappeared?’ Michael Stevens, the creator, and host of V sauce does a really good job of going into great detail and depth in his videos, but in a way that’s captivating to the audience.

I hope you have found the above information useful and will help you on your journey to a better life. If you have any feedback or want more information, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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