8 Ways To Get Motivated When You Really Don’t Feel Like It

Here are 8 ways to get motivated, which is the key to becoming successful. It is the driving force that gets us to do things we sometimes don’t feel like doing but we know are essential for us reaching our next goal. So the question is how do we get motivated to stay motivated? It’s easier said than done, this post will hopefully answer that question and give you a few tips on how to get motivated!

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Ways To Get Motivated

1. Set clear achievable goals

Setting goals allow us to have a plan to follow. With a clear direction of what we need to do to achieve certain goals, we will be much better prepared mentally. We don’t have to spend too much time thinking about what needs to be done, rather we can put all our focus in the doing. Also, make sure your goals are specific and have a time constraint to them, that way you are able to account for them in the future.

2. Complete the biggest task of the day first

Instead of leaving your biggest task for later in the day when you’ve run out of energy and have exhausted yourself, why not do it first? When you wake up first thing in the morning you have the most willpower for the day, take advantage of this. If you want more inspiration for this technique, check out the book – Eat that frog, by Brian Tracey

3. Tell yourself to do it, not to enjoy it

What we sometimes do is set ourselves tasks and then stop midway when we don’t find them enjoyable. To avoid that altogether, set yourself a task with the precondition that you may not enjoy it. That way when you’re doing a task that you don’t feel like doing, you will push through and get it done anyway.

4. Get out of the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ attitude?

The one thing you need to remember is you are going to be the same person you are today as you will be tomorrow or even 1 week from now. So if you don’t have the motivation to do something today, there is no reason you will suddenly get the motivation some point in the future. As humans, we see things in the future to be less daunting, but when we get to that day, we realize we are just as unmotivated. So just do it today and get it out of the way!

5. Surround yourself with the right people

Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive and uplifting people. No matter what you think, the company you keep around you is bound to impact your outlook and choices. Also, check out our post – 18 quotes about surrounding yourself with positive people.

The people around you will either have a positive impact on you or a negative impact, so pick wisely.

6. Reward yourself

Another way to get motivated is to give yourself a reward!  Rewarding yourself feels good, so it’s good to associate good actions with a reward. That way in the future you are far more likely to do something because you will associate it with the good feelings of the reward you have set for yourself. This could be something as simple as, after writing for 1 hour, get yourself some ice-cream!

7. Start small, then work your way up

When tasks look too big or daunting, what we sometimes do is just give up altogether. Just set yourself a goal of 10 minutes a day, and slowly increase from that. In those 10 minutes, you may even find that doing the task is not as bad as you thought it would be, and you will overachieve on your goal! Which is going to feel much better than falling short on a much more difficult goal.

8. Get rid of anything that might distract you

There’s nothing harder than trying to get some work done, with your phone right next to you pinging you every time you have a Facebook notification. Put it away, turn off notifications, turn it to silent, take it out of sight, and if you’re working on your laptop, avoid social media altogether. This is easier said than done. But it’s hard to stay motivated with lots of distractions.

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