Top 10 Things To Do On A Plane To Pass Time

In this post, we list 10 things to do on a plane to pass time when there’s no in-flight entertainment or WiFi to avoid getting bored. All it takes is a bit of early preparation which can make all the difference. If you’ve ever been on a long flight you know how boring it can get when there’s nothing to do. Of course, you can try and put yourself to sleep but that doesn’t always work.

So instead of rocking back and forth in your seat, twiddling your thumbs, waiting for the flight to land, here are a few things you can do instead. Let’s get started, shall we?

Things to do on A Plane to Pass Time When You’re Bored

#1 Binge Watch Your Favorite Netflix Show

Set up all the TV shows you need before the flight and start playing with them throughout your journey. Whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or Stranger things is more up your street there is bound to be something on Netflix that you like. Whatever you end up choosing it will be sure to pass the time and before you know you would have arrived at your destination.

Quick Tip: Make sure you download all the episodes you plan to watch in advance because remember, there may be no Wi-Fi.

#2 Play a game

Even if playing games isn’t your thing, you might as well give it ago. I mean especially if it’s a long flight, why not. Also, you may find you’re pretty good at candy crush (be careful though as it might get addicting). You could even bring a portable gaming console with you if you really want some good entertainment.

Quick Tip: If there’s no Wi-Fi make sure you download a few games on your smartphone to ready to play in advance for when that long-haul flight has taken off.

#3 Take photos

Flying on a plane is a great experience! Well, it can be, so take pictures. That way you’ll remember your experience even after the plane has landed. You could even take a few cheeky snaps from your window.

Quick Tip: Try not to do this when the plane is taking off as sometimes you’re told not to use electronics during this period.

#4 Listen to a Podcast

Download a few of your favorite podcasts and listen to them on your long-haul flight. Whatever you’re into I’m sure you will find something that can occupy your time well. Whether you’re into business podcasts or a bit of Ted Talks, you’ll be sure to find something that makes your flight an enjoyable one.

Quick tip: Again, download these in advance just in case there’s no Wi-Fi on the plan.

#5 Listen to an Audiobook

Not into reading physical books? No problem. With an audiobook, you can plug your headphones in and zone out. Listening to the words of the best authors while you stare out into the clouds.

Quick Tip: Download Audiobooks and get your first 2 Audiobooks for free, ready for your flight.

Things to do on a plane without electronics

#6 Write in a Journal

As we know, throughout our regular day to day lives, we can be bombarded with so much technology that we forget the simple joys of life. Sometimes it can be quite peaceful to just pull out a pen and paper, and begin writing. You may even find your thoughts flow better without anything to distract you. Whether you’re into journaling or not this can be something that really helps you pass the time when you’re bored on a plane.

#7 Talk to the person next to you

One thing you can do on a plane to pass the time is to talk to the person next to you. Yes, I know I know, some of us are not that comfortable striking a conversation with random people. But look, you’re sharing a flight with this person for the next few hours. Time may go by a lot quicker if you make an attempt to get to know them. Keep the conversation light, talk about where you’re traveling, what you’re expecting, and how bored you get on flights.

#8 Look out the window

Simply looking out of the window on a plane can be breathtaking. I mean think about it, you’re literally flying through the clouds. Look at how things on the ground get smaller and smaller the higher you go. Think about where you are and try to guess which country you’re flying over without looking at a map. If you’re not sitting on a window seat you can always check a window near another part of the plane. Just be sure not to block anyone’s path while you’re there.

#9 Read a book

If you love reading books, your plane flight can be a very enjoyable one. Pick your favorite book in advance or a book you’ve been planning to read and get through as much as you can on the flight. You’ll find you can finish a lot more pages then you would have normally since you have the whole flight to focus. Especially on a long-haul flight, you may even find that you get through an entire book! Check out books Amazon for the latest best sellers.

#10 Make a list of things you want to do when you land

As it may come as no surprise to you, we love lists! So, what you can actually do on the flight is to plan your trip. List the top 10 things you want to do when you arrive. That way when you get there you will know exactly what you want to do, that way your holiday won’t be wasted procrastinating.

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