What are Smart Drugs, and why all the fuss?

It seems everyone is talking about nootropics, or smart drugs these days. This is because we are all happy to get a leg up on the opposition, and claims of better brain power are enticing. The use of nootropics supplements is one of the hottest trends of the moment. So just what are these so-called smart drugs?

The terms refer to supplements which are brain enhancements. They are many of these readily available online in both powder and pill form. Some are chemically-made, but many are made using natural substances.

These natural or herbal nootropics include any kind of plant derived or plant-based compounds that have been shown to enhance cognitive ability and health. In fact, there are a whole host of different herbs and natural substances that have been shown to impact on your brain’s function, and some have been in use for thousands of years.

It is no wonder that with the addition of modern medical research these herbal nootropics are just as effective as their synthetic cousins. To increase effectiveness, many different compounds are combined. Thee are known as nootropics stacks.

The advantage of modern medical research is the ability to better track how these substances work, where and why. The result of this research based knowledge has allowed many companies to build more effective combinations, which offer increased potency and effectiveness. As a result, the number of available products has grown exponentially over the past decade.

The range of nootropic substances includes stimulants, but the better ones have much more complex formulations. We are all familiar with commonly used stimulants – coffee is perhaps the most common (how many of us say we can’t start our day without a morning coffee fix). Tea has similar, but less dramatic stimulatory effect. Nicotine is also widely recognised, but not recommended due to its less desirable side effects,

Most newer nootropic stacks combine more exotic-sounding things like Alpha GPC, Bacopa Monnieri, L-Theanine & L-Tyrosine (found in tea), Huperzine A., Cat’s Claw, Creatine, Gingko Biloba, Panax Ginseng and the like. All of these are said to have the ability to increase your brainpower in different ways – better memory, learning, faster processing, reduced stress and slowing of the ageing process.


There are a lot of products out there, and selecting the right one can be confusing. To help you out, we h ave listed what we believe to be the top general nootropics formulations on the market right now.

Mind Lab Pro®

Universal nootropic

Opti-Nutra is arguably the world’s leading producer – high quality products that have been thoroughly researched.

Their MindLabPro is a universal nootropic stack, great for memory, focus, overall productivity & long-term brain support.


NooCube is a synergistic blend of nootropics which helps support and enhance your focus, mental speed and memory.

So you can expect to safely and effectively improve your cognitive functioning with this powerful blend of vitamins, amino acids, and other essential building blocks for a healthy, well-functioning brain.

In Summation

Those using these supplements range from students looking to ace their exams, to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and motivated corporate types, to older folk who want to slow down the ageing process. The common attraction is the appeal of better functioning brain. You can think of it like giving your car a sevice, or doing exercise to get your body into better shape.

To support this increasing demand, there’s a large and growing supply of supplements. Som eof these are universal in effect, some target specific neural patheways.  As a result, the market for nootropics is growing rapidly. It is now thought to be approaching $2b in sales in the USA alone, and is forecast to reach $12b by 2024.

We all face competition every day, in all aspects of our lives. It’s no wonder successful people are looking to science and medical research to give them an advantage.

Everyone’s brain chemistry is different, so what works really well for one person may not be the same for another. Not everyone will experience the same effects with the same dosage, but the buzz that is building around these supplements says they’re worth a trial. With such a weight of support behind them, it seems this is not some “pie in the sky” idea.

So to sum up, nootropics aka smart drugs) do seem to work for a large number of people and we expect that they can give you a number of benefits.

I hope you have found the above information useful and will help you on your journey to a better life. If you have any feedback or want more information, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

“Yesterday was the last day of your past. Today is the first day of your future.”

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