6 Sneaky Body Language Tips For Career Success

Careers start at the interview stage – and these body language tips for career success will help build the right first impression.

I’m sure you’ve heard it over and over again by now. Non-verbal communication is of utmost importance. People subconsciously look at your body language to determine your character. And we all know what people say about first impressions, they last! This is why it’s important when going in for an interview to make sure your body language is proper. These 6 body language tips will help get you through the interview and give you the career success you want.  Be sure you come off as the confident and competent individual you are.

Interview Body Language Tips for Career Success

Body language tip #1 – Eye contact

Don’t stare! Yes, eye contact is good but staring someone dead in the face without blinking is can come off as creepy. You’re not an owl. That being said, make sure you hold good eye contact. This communicates that you are interested in what the interviewer is saying. This one of the most important body language tips.

Body language tip #2 – Focus on your walk

The way you walk in a room says a lot about your presence. By walking into a room upright and confident, you give off a positive demeanor. It shows you are someone who is confident and enthusiastic about the interview.

Body language tip #3 – A firm handshake

There are 3 main types of handshakes, and yes handshakes can tell a lot about you.

  • The firm confident handshake – This handshake should obviously be the one you go for. Simply shake the interviewer’s hand with a firm grip, maintain eye contact and hold a smile.
  • The limp handshake – A limp handshake with no eye contact shows a lack of enthusiasm, it also gives off the impression that you are not a people person.
  • The aggressive handshake – Yes you know what I’m talking about. That handshake where you try and squeeze the interviewers hand as hard as you can. Avoid this handshake at all costs, it’s really not necessary.

Body language tip #4 – Good posture

Having a good posture is key to making a good impression in an interview. A good posture will project confidence. You need to make sure even when seated your back is straight. Don’t be slouched over your phone, for example, this is a big no. Also don’t be that guy that leans back in his chair with his hands behind his head. That’s just disrespectful, as it shows you do not take the interview seriously at all!

Body language tip #5 – Powerful Exit Walk

Let them know you are confident about getting the job. Work on your exit walk. Make sure you maintain a good posture. If you walk out with slumped shoulders, it shows the interviewer that you think you blew it. If you don’t have confidence in yourself how can you expect the interviewer to have confidence in you?

Body language tip #6 – Smile

This may seem obvious. But smile. Not only will a smile put you in a better mood, it also gives the impression that you are cooperative, approachable and trustworthy. Now, remember, a smile can change a person’s emotional state in a positive way. So, therefore, when you smile at someone, they usually smile back. Which then puts them in a better mood, and they will be more likely to hire you.

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