10 Best Books About Personal Finance Everyone Needs To Read

Managing your personal finances is a critical factor for your success. We give a list of what we think are the best books about personal finance. When it comes to knowing how to handle and manage your money, it’s never a bad time to learn. However, finding a good book on personal finance can be really hard. There are literally hundreds of books on the subject. So if you haven’t read a book about personal finance before then do not worry as we have narrowed the list down to the top 10 books about personal finance that will make the biggest impact on your life.


Our 10 best books about personal finance

1. Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook by Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins, the author of this book, has interviewed 50 of the world’s greatest minds before writing this book. This book is not only one of the best books about personal finance that you can read, but it also talks about how to be happy within yourself. It is a brilliant book that offers lots of practical information. Even if you are new to investing, or whatever salary you make, this book will offer you advice and concepts that you can implement immediately. As not doing so will cost you financially in the long run.

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2. The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness by Dave Ramsey

The significant thing about this book is that everyone can benefit from it. Whether you are in your 20s, 30s or even 40s. Each chapter of the book gives you the steps you need to take bit by bit. If you don’t know how to budget your money, you will never have enough money no matter how much you make. Overall, this book by Dave Ramsey is a great book that does exactly what it says in the title. A total money makeover with a proven plan to financial fitness.

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3. The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy by Thomas J Stanley

When you want to learn how to do something, you go to someone who has already done it, right?  The author of this book, Thomas J Stanley, has identified traits that seem to show up time and time again with those who are wealthiest. This bestselling book aims to push the idea that the wealthy don’t necessarily live in Beverly Hills or on Park Avenue, they probably live next door. Which further pushes the idea that it could be you.

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4. Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties by Beth Kobliner

The author of this book, Beth Kobliner, has created a book catered to those in their 30s and 40s. This book doesn’t come across as a sales book, it is more like a book full of wisdom. It is one of the best books out there. The advice is practical and straight to the point. Especially for those older adults who have not really been paying attention. It gives you all the advice you need so that you’re not living from paycheck to paycheck struggling with your finances. Rather, you can turn your life around and make yourself far more effective.

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5. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

The compound effect isn’t a myth or a get rich quick scheme. It is the principle that every decision you make, no matter how small, will shape your future. It is one of the best books about personal finance you can read. The author of this book goes through these principles that have made many people successful. He tells us how we can implement those same strategies to achieve immense successes. So in other words, small incremental changes to your life will lead to exponential results. Applying the strategies of this book could very well change your life.

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6. Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

We can’t have a list of top 10 personal finance books without this book on the list of best books about personal finance. Rich Dad Poor Dad tells the author’s personal story. The author Robert Kiyosaki has 2 dads. His own father and the father of one of his best friends. One of his dads was rich and one was poor. He found that the 2 dads usually gave completely contradicting advice. Through this Robert learned the difference between working for money and making money work for you.

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7. The Investment Answer by Daniel Goldie and Gordon Murray

Investing is one of the best ways you can leverage your money to make more money. If you have any sort of interest in personal finance, then you should always learn more about investing. This book provides a general and easy to digest guide to investing. It also talks about the different decisions every investor needs to make, such as whether to invest alone or hire someone. This book is great for beginners, if you want a book that goes into more detail, there are plenty of alternatives out there. However, if you are just starting out, then this book should do the job.

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8. I Will Teach You to be Rich, by Ramit Sethi

This book is specifically written for people in their 20s. It is another one of the best personal finance books out there. The book is extremely practical. It is laid out as a step-by-step plan. If you’re at a stage in your life where you have not yet optimized your finances, then this book will take you through the entire process. It also has a bit of humor to make the book a slightly more enjoyable read. The book doesn’t teach anything particularly complicated, just simple tips that will make a huge impact on anyone’s life.

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9. Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School?: 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By – by Cary Siegel

The great thing about this book is that it is very easy to read. The way it is formatted ensures that every time you pick up the book you learn something new. Also, you do not have to read it all in one go. You could read it in small chunks. If you’re 20 something and don’t know much about personal finance, then this book is perfect for you. All the principles in this book are useful, and when implemented they will help you make better decisions. The younger you are when you read this book, the more beneficial it will be. As it will stop you making financial mistakes throughout your life.

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10. The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke by Suze Orman

Another one of the best books about personal finance, tailored to the younger audience. The bestselling author Suze Orman aims to give the younger generation straight to the point of practical advice on matters such as student loans, credit card debts, credit scores, a first job, buying a first home, insurance facts and even financial issues of the self-employed. Like the last book, this book is brilliant if you are young and clueless on finance, as it takes you through all the basic essentials you need to know.

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