6 Simple Ways to Get More Stuff Done at Work

Ever notice how successful people just seem to get more stuff done at work? How can you increase our own productivity to achieve more? How come the list of things to do seems to always expand beyond the working day – starting earlier and finishing later just doesn’t do it. And who wants to sacrifice their life anyway? There has to be a better way – right?

The answer is to learn a few tricks to manage your time wisely and efficiently. Here are 6 simple tips. Make these a habit, and you’ll be amazed at just how much more you can achieve – success beckons!

1. Stay Organized

Keeping everything in its place will save a lot of time searching. It’s a greatly underrated productivity booster. Not only will you save time and wasted energy looking for things, it’ll make your workspace look neater and better to look at it. The boss will be impressed and the sense of order it brings is a major stress-buster, so you’ll feel more able to deal with everything. Look good, feel good.

2. “5 By 10”

Pick a few less stressful things to get your day started. Get rid of a couple of quick fixes that won’t take too much time but could cause more work if left unattended. This will have the twin benefits of reducing the size of your list and give you a sense of achievement and accomplishment that can carry you through the day.

Aim for 5 done by 10 am. If you’ve got some bigger fish to fry – try breaking them down into smaller steps and get one or two of these done early to get you on your way. This reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed and lost under files, memos and deadlines. A quick start will give you the momentum to achieve more.

3. Go for a Walk

Instead of eating lunch at your desk, scrunched over more paperwork, go for a walk outside. Getting some fresh air will help you clear your head, give you some perspective and a more positive outlook.

Plus, it’s great physical exercise, and a change of scenery will do wonders for your creative juices. If you absolutely can’t leave your work area, go for a walk indoors. Studies prove that going for a walk, even a short one, can boost efficiency by 60%.

4. Stop Multi-tasking

Some people think that juggling multiple things at once means they’re boosting their work rate. But studies have found that multitasking can do more harm than good, as tasks do not get the time and effort they deserve. If not done well, they may require rework – not only a mental killer, but will soak up more of your precious time.

Distractions like that impact negatively on the quality of your work, and leave you feeling drained and frazzled. Try giving each task the attention it needs and enough time to complete it before moving onto something else.

5. Give yourself self-imposed deadlines

In general, the word ‘deadline’ is enough to give you heart palpitations, headaches, dizzy spells. But when you’re the one setting the deadline for yourself, you won’t feel the pressure in a negative way. But you will feel obligated to respect the deadline you’ve set.

We’re creatures of habit, so go easy on yourself at first. The point is to acknowledge that you have a set time after which you’ll be held accountable for your work. When you do meet your deadline, give yourself a pat on the back and a reward for getting the job done on time.

6. Beautify your Surroundings

Attractive furniture and office decor, such as candles, plants, vases, can be pleasing to look at. Moreover, they turn a boring space into something beautiful and functional with an added personal touch. They can also help increase productivity, as studies show, by up to 15%.

Choose whatever makes you feel happy and comfortable, as long as they meet office regulations. By surrounding yourself with things that are aesthetically pleasing, you’ll be boosting production rate, creative outlet, along with your ability to focus on the task at hand.

Getting More Work Stuff Done means working smarter, not harder. So, try to resist the temptation to stuff your calendar with more work-related commitments or put in longer hours at the office.  If you learn these habits, you will be more productive, but don’t fall into the trap of taking on more work because you think you can. Learn to say no selectively and assess which tasks are the most important for you to achieve your goals.

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